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Ballroom Dancing

This fall Michelle’s School of Performing Arts, has the opportunity to instruct the 3 main styles of Ballroom Dancing: Social    International     American

Social is exactly how it sounds. It’s a series of simple steps that work together in unison to be performed at social events.

International focuses primarily on couples dancing together in a frame. It is more polished and is usually danced in preparation for competition. However, you will definitely stand out as an International Ballroom Dancer at a social function.

American was made famous by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. This dance is all about the “wow” factor. Many steps are danced side by side, apart from each other, as well as in a frame. This style is popular at competitions. It is such a glamorous style that if danced at a social event, don’t be surprised if people make room on the dance floor to watch you!

Ballroom Dancing is an activity where couples can be out together and meet new people. It is also an excellent cardio-vascular exercise, giving the body a full work-out. Ballroom Dancing builds self-confidence and self-esteem while working on posture, balance, coordination, and memorization.